About Us

We are constantly bombarded with images of teenagers on Instagram fighting, selling drugs, and doing everything but creating a future for themselves.

However, there are teenagers who are setting positive examples who often get overlooked.

Like Miles & Gray Swift aka the “Holy Boyz”, who are both fashionable, shy and have a humble disposition.

When Miles and his brother Gray were just 9 years old, they dreamt of starting a clothing line. At 15 years old, Miles & Gray can proudly say dreams do come true.

They started (HGK) Holy Ghetto Kidz, a clothing line embellishing bright colors & sassy prints with positive & empowering messages for their peers.

Miles & Gray were both influenced by streetwear and they both love Christian hip hop music artist such as Lecrae, Canton Jones, & Andy Mineo. They combined these influences with urban styles to artistically express their own realities.

The recipe for the brand’s success is simple: passion mixed with purpose and a natural love for fashion.

Our mission is to give away 50% of our annual revenue to support programs and organizations with causes directed at helping children & youth; especially youth aging out of the foster care system.

We are currently developing community partnerships to support youth initiatives such as the Urban Youth Financial Education Project and Elevate Youth Movement to address financial illiteracy and homelessness among youth.

HGK is not just a clothing brand, it is a mindset based on empowerment, advocacy, and building a social network.

CEO (s)

Miles & Gray, Holy Boyz